Why we're going Direct?

A Novelty Range Curated by Maclaren Especially for You

At Maclaren, we've always believed children deserved the best and safest products wherever they are in the world. That’s why we created a direct to consumer range so parents everywhere can access our exceptional quality at an unrivaled value. Second to safety is style - and we want to make sure you and your child are outfitted in the very best - from the finest materials to the meticulous embroidery and crafstmanship, our direct to consumer price structure means you can have it all.

We decided to take our full product range and split it in two. Our Direct-to-Consumer range, includes a coveted selection of Objects of Design that are fully loaded with accessories in the box and sold exclusively on Maclarenbaby.com at a compelling price. Whereas, the Retailer Collection includes the widest assortment of items that you can find at select retail partners worldwide.


The reason we felt this was the right move was we wanted to make sure our specialty designed products are available here to be enjoyed by all, while not limiting choice to retailers. We plan to expand the Direct to Consumer range based on our consumer's needs and demands and continue to make smart products for active parents and set the bar for quality and safety.

Thanks for shopping with us. We're always listening and would love to hear what you would like to see as we continue to refine and innovate. Drop us a line on our instagram at @Maclarenglobal or send us an email at customercare@maclarenbaby.com.