keep your maclaren in motion!

Maclaren buggies are built to last and last and now they last even longer with Self-Service Replaceable Parts. You can now replace high-wear items like wheels, hoods, handle grips and seats from the comfort of your home. All Collection buggies manufactured from 2016 onwards offer self-service replaceable parts which are now available for purchase on via Stroller Accessories.
We are as passionate about creating products which enhance family life as we are about enhancing the world around us. By innovating our design, we have redefined ways to make parts replaceable and available to you with a seamless shoppable and repair experience.  This keeps the rest of a perfectly good buggy in use and every buggy in use is a buggy that’s not in a landfill.

With our commitment to sustainability and safe disposal of our products, we will continue to find new ways to make sure that our most valued customer – who has just arrived – has a happy, healthy planet upon which to fulfill whatever his/her future might hold. Check out the Self-Service Replaceable Parts range here.