Whereas a footprint measures the negative impacts made on the planet, a Handprint measures the positive impacts we can make simply by changing the way we do things, at home and at work. This doctrine is the inspiration for the Maclaren Handprint™.

The Maclaren Handprint is rooted in Safety, invested in Sustainability, and driven by Advocacy.

Maclaren defines safety through critical analysis of the product lifecycle: Safe Production :: Safe Use :: Safe Disposal. Through the Maclaren Handprint program, Maclaren aims to mitigate its environmental impact and foster ethics in our entire Value System all whilst maintaining financial feasibility.

It is our responsibility to ensure that our products are made, distributed, and disposed of in a Safe and Sustainable way. We are committed to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

As the leading global parenting brand, we feel that we should act as advocates for our primary Stakeholders: The Mother and the Baby.

By improving ourselves, we are leaving a positive handprint on the world around us. The Maclaren Handprint takes baby steps towards the greater mission for a sustainable enterprise and a safer planet. We will Measure our progress and report with Transparency.

We would be pleased to see our industry raise the bar and this is the only place where we would love better players than us.

Our principles of Safety are based on the triptych of Products, Use, and Ethos:
“Safe Vehicle :: Safe Driver :: Safe Roads” ↔ “Safe Product :: Safe Operator :: Safe Standards”

Since the first baby buggy was patented in 1965, Maclaren has been dedicated to creating premium products for parents that stand for safety, quality, innovation, and style. For over 50 years we have been uncompromising in our standards, which are the benchmarks for our industry. Evaluating more than 60 countries where our products are sold, we enhanced our safety features by moving to a single Global Safety Standard™ for all our strollers - defined by us as a set of highly-engineered security elements, built into each and every Maclaren buggy, that meet or exceed the highest safety standard anywhere in the world. Maclaren believes that all children deserve the best and safest products wherever they are in the world.

Our principles of Sustainability are based on the triptych of the Environment, Society and Economy. Our commitment to the environment starts the moment you open the box. We spend countless hours to build the best product for you and your little one. With a timeless and durable design, our buggies are built to perform and meet the expectations of our customers. From production of strollers and other products to the packaging and the recycling incentives offered to our customers, Maclaren buggies are constructed with human and environmental considerations in mind. We take an active role in protecting the planet for future generations.


Our principles of Advocacy are based on the triptych of Voice, Awareness and Engagement. Maclaren is dedicated to improving the lives of parents. We look to other organisations that share this mission. We contribute to social and environmental causes that make a positive impact worldwide. Learn more about our mission to serve and our local and global associations. Click here

Smart Product :: Active Parent :: Better Planet